Whether you’re a professional or homeowner looking to find the best flooring for any room, finding the right type of flooring for each room can be overwhelming with the hundreds of materials available on the market today.

There are many options to explore: woods, tiles, carpets and much more. Each floor covering is unique, with different benefits and drawbacks to consider.

Even if you decide on a specific option, there are endless characteristics to consider, such as color, texture, durability, price, resistance to scratches and stains, comfort, water resistance… . etc.

Next, from Naturarte we want to make it easy for you so that choosing a particular floor for your home is not too complex a task.

Here are some of the questions to ask yourself and factors to consider when selecting the ideal flooring for your home.

Evaluate your situation and needs

There is no rule that says that your entire house has to have the same flooring materials; in fact, it probably shouldn’t. The right flooring for your child’s playroom is probably not the best choice for the kitchen or bathroom. Therefore, it is very likely that the best flooring for your house will differ from room to room.

The best starting point for considering the type of flooring to choose for each room is to assess your particular situation. How many rooms do you have in your home? Who uses each room? Do you have pets or children, and which rooms do they usually use? How often do you clean the floor of each one?

Consider your budget

Like most people who just bought a home or want to renovate it, they work with a budget in mind. Regarding the costs of floor installations, you will discover that many of them have a very wide range of prices.

For example, laminate flooring has been a very recurring option for those who have a more adjusted price. Although this does not change the result you have, there are other higher priced and more luxurious alternatives such as our Versailles marquetry. It is a selection of geometric patterns made by hand in wood and whose presence was found in palaces, castles and European stately homes.

Keep up with new trends

Just as many of us look to magazines and catwalks for inspiration and decide what to wear based on fashion trends at any given time, your space will also have to adapt to change. For example, new technologies appear constantly. Floors that a decade ago were prohibited in bathrooms may now be suitable for these spaces. This is because technology has made these floors safer or more resistant to water.

Fortunately, at Naturarte our team of experts is informed of all the floors that may be suitable for your home. They will advise you on any question you have and will be with you throughout your project.

Think about how long you want to keep the floor

If you renovate your home often, your flooring choices may differ from someone who wants to keep the same look for a long period of time.

For example, you may want to attract tenants to your property by responding to land market trends. This means changing the floor style more often.

Durability may not be a factor if you know you are going to change the flooring in a room after a short period of time. Also, you may want to select a flooring option that is easier to remove.

On the other hand, if you want to keep the floor for a long time, you will want to make sure that your flooring option is resistant.

The platforms that we offer at Naturarte have very high quality standards, so their quality, durability and maintenance is guaranteed.

These are some of the factors to take into account when choosing the right floor for your space.

First of all, we know that it can be a bit overwhelming to decide on one floor or another, especially if it is your first time.

For this reason, at Naturarte we will not only advise you based on your needs, but we also have a team of experts exclusively dedicated to the installation of our platforms that will guarantee that the result is impeccable and of the highest quality.

Do not forget that we are also on WhatsApp to give you more personalized attention and we will attend to you as soon as possible.