The multilayer flooring is an alternative to the solid flooring with great popularity today.
It is made up of a lower layer or counter-face (usually coniferous wood and about 2 mm thick) whose mission is stabilization.

Above it is the intermediate layer, about 9 mm, made up of narrow wooden slats placed transversally to the upper layer and which helps to maintain cohesion during the expansions and contractions suffered by the wood.

Finally, the top or wear layer is the visible hardwood, 3 or more millimeters thick. This layer receives a protective surface treatment to allow subsequent sanding. Some models also incorporate aluminum oxide, making them exceptionally resistant to abrasion, or ultraviolet rays filters that help preserve the color of the wood.

The stability of this type of platform allows its floating installation with a click-type anchoring system.
Naturarte distributes the most important brands of multilayer and large format flooring at the moment, providing quality, design and guarantee to the floor of your choice.

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