Flooring is a crucial part of any interior design and can make a difference in the way your space is created.

Although our first interaction with a space is visual, the first physical contact a person will have with their space is the ground.

Regardless of the design style you have chosen, it is imperative to select a complementary flooring option. Being one of the most used surfaces in our home, the floor is expected to be resistant enough to withstand constant use and at the same time maintain its quality.

With the wide variety of flooring options available, it’s easy to get carried away and forget the practicalities that need to be considered.

Price, quality and style are some of the most researched elements when buying a floor. While it is possible to save money up front by buying cheap flooring, it won’t last long.

Today, flooring is considered an investment and there are several options available to suit all budgets. At Naturarte we want to make it easy for you when choosing a quality floor that meets the needs of your home, so if you want us to clarify all your doubts, continue reading this article.

What are floors used for in a home?

First of all, the importance of floors in a space is undeniable. These are some of the influences that floors have in your home:

They affect the overall design of your house

When someone walks into a room, the floor will affect their impression of the space. Since the floor is underfoot and takes up a large part of the space, it has a significant impact on the aesthetics of the home.

If you want to change the look of a room, change the floor. Flooring can instantly make your space feel cooler, warmer, larger, smaller, more intimate, cozier, or even more luxurious.

Improve or hinder the functionality of your home:

The floor can influence the acoustics of a living room or an office, allowing you to enjoy more time with family or work. It can make it easier to walk barefoot or in slippers. It can help you save on your heating bill, and much more.

For this reason, at Naturarte we always make sure that your lifestyle, needs, pets or habits are reflected in the choice of your floor.

Impact on the health of your home

If you suffer from allergies or any condition that makes you aware of indoor air quality, you need to think about your flooring options. Some floors are more resistant to the accumulation of common allergens, such as particles or dust.

Affects the value of your home:

Nice flooring makes your home more inviting and can improve its market value. It can even help make your space more attractive to buyers.

Types of floors to put in your house

At Naturarte we have dedicated ourselves for several years to importing and importing the highest quality flooring and we have guaranteed the satisfaction of our customers with the installation of flooring at the most competitive and competitive prices on the market.

We work especially with the following types of wood:

Indoor solid flooring:

The solid flooring is characterized by being 100% noble wood. Its greatest advantage is that it is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator. Despite the fact that its installation is more delicate if we compare it with other platforms, it is true that this is compensated by its durability and resistance.

multilayer flooring

This type of platform is an alternative to the previous platform that we have already seen. Thanks to its composition (inner layer, intermediate layer and upper layer) it allows to maintain cohesion during the expansions and contractions that the wood undergoes.

laminate flooring

This option has been in recent years one of the most requested options due to its price and its high resistance to scratching. It is actually a pressed base of high-density wood fibers on which a photographic paper imitating wood is placed.

outdoor decking

It is a type of flooring that has great resistance to weather elements, such as cold or heat. Ideal for gardens, porches, and terraces.

Versailles marquetry

Our star product is undoubtedly the Versailles marquetry. This type of floor is born from the inspiration of the French palaces of the 18th century together with the latest decorative trends. Dressed in a geometric wooden motif that went on to cover the floors of other European palaces, castles and stately homes.

Naturarte offers a wide variety of designs with the strictest and highest quality standards on the market.

If you are interested in creating a space tailored to your needs and of the highest quality, contact us and we will answer all your questions.